Giovanna Salas


Giovanna Salas, CEO of multimedia company Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures LLC, became interested in art and other creative endeavors at an early age.

A talented and accomplished painter, Giovanna chose to expand her horizons and became a burgeoning documentary maker. She discovered a passion for problem solving, working with directors and producers, and directing teams, which she did skillfully. Soon after, she founded her entertainment company in Los Angeles, California.

The young businesswoman quickly earned the moniker "Miss Heart of Hollywood" among the industry elite. She then delved into film production, as well as screenwriting, and wrote a series titled  "Hollywood or Bust," centered around challenges faced by new talent upon arriving in Hollywood in hopes of fulfilling dreams.

Heart Of Hollywood, at the outset, was vastly different than it is today. Giovanna's intelligence, drive, and boundless energy keep the company growing exponentially-- and offering better services, products, and events--day after day and year after year.

At this time, what was once a tiny company encompasses a new streaming platform (Heart Of Hollywood Cinema), movie productions, live and virtual events, model bookings, a magazine, fashion shows, contests, book marketing, a vast network of entertainment industry professionals, and so much more.

Heart Of Hollywood has been involved in projects in Mexico, France, the Netherlands. the UK, Malaysia and many other countries. It has brand ambassadors in Asia and Africa.

The company focuses strongly on multicultural content. It gives a voice to both new and more established talent. Giovanna believes that success and social responsibility go hand in hand. In order to give back to the community, she has founded organizations and hosted events to support talent and open doors to minority groups within the Hollywood industry.

At this time, the busy CEO also acts as a consultant for select filmmakers and businesses.



Leadership Award from the City of Los Angeles, by Mayor Eric Garcetti

Humanitarian Award from the City of Los Angeles, by Mayor Eric Garcetti

Award of Recognition from Fundación para los Derechos Humanos de los Migrantes en California-FUNDEHMIC (Foundation for the Human Rights of Migrants in California), by president Francisca Mendoza

Award of Recognition from the International Montgomery Film Festival



CEO and Founder of Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures, LLC

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Publisher

Filmmaker Consultant


CEO, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures and Independent Streaming Platform

Chief Editor, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine



Producer/Filmmaker Consultant/International Event Producer



VIP Collective International Networking Platform - Founder of a networking platform for entertainment industry professionals

All Media Services LLC - Spain - Filmmaker Consultant


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