Giovanna Salas


About The Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures Founder Giovanna Salas:


“Creativity exists in all minds.”

Founded Heart of Hollywood Motion Pictures and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine

  • Has been featured internationally in newspapers and appears on TV/ Radio shows in the U.S., UK, Mexico, Switzerland and France

  • Landed front cover of a popular London magazine “South Central”

  • Has been recognized by the city of Los Angeles for her leadership as a film producer, consultant, business strategist, and business woman

  • Screenwriter for TV - Series “Hollywood Or Bust”  

  • Has worked on several full length feature films

  • Was invited to be a guest speaker for the International Kids Film Festival in Los Angeles

  • Was a panelist at the International Montgomery Film Festival for Marketing, Producing, Financing Producing for Art House Films 

  • Co-Organizer for the 2019 Montgomery International Film Festival Preparatory Committee

  • Is one of the Executive producer for the film feature “The Steed” 

  • Currently working as a filmmaker consultant and producer

Giovanna Salas is a film producer and businesswoman who quickly earned the moniker "Miss Heart of Hollywood” among the industry elite. She is also known as a screenwriter due to her series "Hollywood or Bust," centered on obstacles faced by new talent arriving in Hollywood with hopes of fulfilling dreams. Giovanna believes that success and social responsibility go hand in hand. In order to give back to the community, she has founded several organizations to support talent and open doors to minority groups within the Hollywood industry. She is proud of her reputation for being inclusive by promoting multicultural diversity. 

As a production services consultant, Giovanna was the right-hand woman to a number of directors and producers in Hollywood over the course of several years. Her ability to organize, problem-solve and direct teams eventually led her to found her own entertainment company, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Picture, based in Los Angeles U.S. 

The company offers production services for the modern filmmaker and has a growing networking platform for talented professionals working in every aspect of the entertainment industry.

“ Creativity exists in all minds.”

“ La creatividad existe en todas las mentes.”



Leadership Award from the City of Los Angeles by Mayor Eric Garcetti

Humanitarian Award from the City of Los Angeles by Mayor Eric Garcetti

Award of Recognition from FUNDEHMIC by President Francisca Mendoza



CEO, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures and Independent Streaming Platform

Chief Editor, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine



Producer/Filmmaker Consultant/International Event Producer



VIP Collective International Networking Platform - Founder of a networking platform for entertainment industry professionals

All Media Services LLC - Spain - Filmmaker Consultant


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