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Our streaming platform is 70% complete. We’re almost there! However, we need the resources for two more programming engineers for testing the streaming platform. We need financing for the marketing plan development and for content acquisition.


To make things more difficult, COVID-19, the Coronavirus that has affected each one of us in so many ways, has also been making it hard for my team and my company to survive. If I can find a way to keep my team working during this time, we can complete this platform.

That is why we are asking you to support us. A donation in any amount will help us keep everyone working at home. You will not only be supporting independent filmmaking; you will also have an alternative viewing option year-round and make everyone’s time while quarantined a little more comfortable.



By supporting Heart of Hollywood now, you receive:

  • Inclusion in the history records of our streaming platform

  • Invitation to events and movie releases to meet producers and talent

  • Newsletter updates

  • Free online Heart Of Hollywood Magazine subscription



My name is Giovanna Salas and when I was young, I wanted to give something to the world, to do something for people that had been broken by hunger and suffering. I knew I would never rest until I found a way to be of help to society. My love for people makes me search for ways to tell their stories, and I found that film was one way to do so.

After having the opportunity to work for different film productions, I decided to continue learning. I found that that there are struggles every step of the way, with roadblocks for everyone from talent to movie producers, most of them independent freelancers.

One of the big obstacles is distribution. Film producers often need to network incessantly in search of an agent to help them distribute a film, and pay fees to many, many middlemen in the process.

It’s very expensive, if not outright impossible, for independent producers to have their film shown in theaters. They invest so much time and money, and if they are very lucky it will take at least six months or even a year to find someone who can help, and still there are no guarantees that their film will actually be distributed.

Listening to many industry professionals discuss challenges, I understood that this was a big problem. Even a good story with quality production becomes meaningless if no one sees it.

I realized that not being able to sell a movie affected every person involved, including actors, craft services personnel, prop designers, and more. If the movie is not sold, they wonder if the producer will be able to make another film or hire them again.

Selling a movie, or just getting it in front of a potential audience, in previous years has been exceptionally difficult because distributors have not been willing to take the monetary risk. 



As a visionary, a solution became clear in my mind. I needed to create an independent streaming platform. I opened my own company, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures LLC, and have worked very hard to stay afloat. I’m proud of the fact that my company has a reputation for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity. I will carry on that ideal once we introduce our Heart Of Hollywood Independent Streaming Platform.

This has been, is, and will be the biggest challenge on my life: the conception, development, and unveiling of a fully functional streaming platform. Luckily, I found the perfect partner, a programming engineer that listened to my idea and felt that we have a mission to accomplish together. We have been working jointly for a couple years and have established a great team of engineers to make the streaming platform a reality.

We’ve used our own resources to fund this project and found an investor for its development. The completion of development and the beginning of deployment is in sight.

However, there is not enough funding to push this project past the finish line. This is why we now need your support.

One of the main goals of this platform is to give back a percentage of the profits stemming from the platform to the community, creative artists, non- profit organizations, and groups offering economical relief for environmental catastrophes.

Our mission is to tell stories and bring hope and inspiration to new generations. 

We want this to be the legacy of our Heart Of Hollywood streaming platform. Will you join us in creating this legacy? 

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