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Producer 2012 - Present 
Overseeing every aspect of film production. Choosing movie scripts and cast, managing finance for film production as well as determining the expenses and scale of the film, hiring crew members (like camera man, light crew, sound engineers and costume designers), creating advertisement and promotional materials, arranging film distribution digital and theatrical, securing necessary rights and acquiring the finances required for the development process when required.


Professional Summary
Highly imaginative filmmaker with years of experience making a broad range of films for a variety of industries. A passion for creating independent films, commercial productions, documentaries, and music videos.  Broad experience in the latest technical processes of production and specializing in post production.


Ability work and communicate with highly skilled professionals such as editors, visual effects artists, music composers. Well-honed time management skills. Working well under pressure. My flexible Filmmakers Consultant expertise is essential and beneficial in organizing resources to provide different business strategies for film project development. Communication skills allow me to coordinate with cast, crew and other individuals essential in making a production successful from start to finish. Focused analysis when determining the breakdown of the film budget. Extensive knowledge in Branding, Marketing, Product Placement and Film Distribution. 

1st AD First Assistant Director 2013 - Present
The directors right hand from preproduction to production. Organizing pre production meetings, script breakdown, making director judgments such as new scenes or specifics shot angles and directions, assisting with casting, direct cast members in understanding their character and the part they play in the entirety of the production, being the link of communication between the producer and director to smooth work or interaction that are related with the production, ensure the production remains on schedule, that it looks its best, and that the final product is polished and matches the director’s vision.

Filmmaker Consultant for All Services Media LLC

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