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We are born with all the gifts...Be fearless.

On my journey, I have been faced with many challenges. I have learned that the size of the challenge doesn’t matter. We have the power to continue on our way, along our path. Sometimes it’s extremely hard especially if you’re trying to follow your dreams.

When I was growing up I remember many people telling me that I was an idealist, including my mother. Nevertheless, she gave me the courage to challenge myself in finding my own path.

Today I’m the CEO of a multi-media entertainment company, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures. Let me tell you how it all started.

I came to Los Angeles to become a film director. I wanted to share my vision of the world.

I was a fine art painter when I began working in the entertainment industry. Once I discovered film, my heart was captivated. I saw film as a blank canvas.

Like a flame! All I wanted was to learn about and work in making movies. I could see that this was not going to be an easy path. Miracles do happen that shine light on your path but you have to be ready to take the opportunity and be Fearless because the biggest challenge that you are going to face is yourself.

Are you capable of following your dream?

I want to tell you that if you choose to follow your dream you will ignite a flame that will not be extinguished. You can have one career or as many as you like as long as it makes you happy and will reassure you where your path is going.

I had to be sure that I wanted to work in the entertainment industry and I found that I was.

Los Angeles is a city that can really break you and make you feel that you want to abandon your dream of “making it” in “Hollywood”. This can happen very quickly and before you know it you’re out of town.

After two years in LA, I had worked on a few independent action films. It was amazing working as a first assistant director.

I met wonderfully talented people and saw others, who, like myself, had dreams. I wanted to help others make those dreams come true. I am inspired by other artists. I love art, I feel that it is the most honest way that I can express myself.

After some thought, I put aside my desire of becoming a film director to become a CEO. That decision was not easy as I was putting aside my own dream to build what is now Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures. I knew that I could do it, so I did. Some people asked me why I thought my company could succeed when there already were so many others like Warner Brothers, Paramount and thousands more. I replied that I was opening a New company. I believed that as long as I put the spotlight on talent, especially serving new comers that the door would be open. By the way, I love all those big companies. They are an inspiration and they all started with an idea.

I had to learn to run a company. I dove into the daily administrative work that I did not find exciting and expenses were through the roof. More than once I wanted to quit.

I now have a company with lots of responsibilities. I work constantly looking for ways to innovate and to provide the best customer service experience.

We started working in post-production. After that I started hosting networking events because I believed that this was one of the keys to success. These events allow me to see a bigger picture and to learn about the needs of people working in the entertainment industry. Then I had the idea to publish a magazine and that’s when the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine was born.

Working with professionals to bring your visions to life is a must. It took me more than seven months to put together the first magazine. I knew I wanted to work with the best so I called my friend, Sandy Rodriguez. I knew Sandy as a communications expert who had worked with a number of publications as well as being a top-notch translator. It is important to recognize what you can and cannot do. It was the result that mattered and the result that I wanted was to publish a magazine.

Recently, we have reshaped the magazine. My intention is that our readers find the content useful.

I feel extremely proud of the Heart Of Hollywood team. I love to say that I work with artists.

Find a team that can see your vision rather than trying to convince people to see your vision.

Building a team is not easy but I work to keep great relations with all the team members. I learned to say goodbyes and to be supportive if a team member finds other opportunities elsewhere. I have kept in touch with everyone. I spend many hours training and communicating with my team members, making sure that they not only see the vision but that they also understand the process.

The years have passed and I am not a film director. My responsibilities as a CEO are very demanding.

My purpose has not changed. It has just been amplified. I have found a way to share my vision of the world through my work in the different areas of the company which we continue building, to this day.

I would love to invite you to read the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine and to discover wonderful people and their journeys. Perhaps you can be the key to open a door for them.

I am excited to tell you that I am painting again. At this time I am going through major changes in my life and art, once again, is challenging me to explore new ways of creation. After several years I am preparing a solo exhibition with an entirely new collection of works. This will consist of more than 30 new paintings expressing a full disclosure of my present life.

You are all invited to attend this exhibition. I will be honored to have you present.

Be fearless,

Giovanna Salas

Art Exhibition date and location to be announced soon.

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